Sunday, December 12, 2010

Manatee viewing

Took a break from art making yesterday and had another outing with the grandkids.  We went to see the Manatees who gather in the warm effluent of the Apollo Beach (Florida) power station.  Despite the fog, we saw several dozen of these basking giants, and a few babies.  On the way home, a Bald Eagle swooped down out of nowhere into the field at the side of the road and clutched a critter in his talons.  He took off just a few feet from the car, then flew across the road and up into the air no more than 30 feet from us.  No one was behind us on the road in this rural part of Florida, so I was able to slow down so we could take a good look.  Amazing!!



  1. sooo cool! thank you Susan! I am sharing this with Steven!

  2. They are truly the sweetest looking of all mammals. Great pictures!