Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home again, home again.....

This blog hasn't been high on my list of priorities lately.

Some of you know that I've recently bought a small condominium instead of continuing to rent an apartment, and others of you know that I recently took a two week trip to the UK.  Between traveling, packing. planning, keeping up a bit with a few small art projects and doing some kidsitting with my grandchildren, there just hasn't been time to post.

I did take LOTS of photos in the UK, and am going to throw a few of my favorite ones at you here!!

If you want to see any of them larger, please just remember to click on the image ;-0

Leaving on a jet plane.....

Victoria Station, London

Who would think in the middle of Bath, in a crack between ancient cobbles there would be a tiny, hot pink Mickey Mouse head sequin - is there no escape?????

The abbey, Bath

River Avon in Bath

Being an early morning tea drinker, i was thrilled to find these kinds of tea services wherever I stayed.  The electric kettles heat up super fast and really heat the water, real milk comes in the little blue-topped containers, and there were usually biscuits (cookies) too!  

Can you believe I rented a car and drove on the "wrong" side of the road for 11 days!!!  As you can see, thew steering wheel is on the "wrong" side of the car, too, but it really wasn't too difficult to master a new skill.  Did get beeped at a few times and the occasional irritated look.  the roundabouts are the worst, but overall, UK drivers are much more polite and patient than we are!! ;-0

Probably should have a separate post just for all the wonderful churches I saw, but this country steeple really caught my eye, so am including it here.

My first real pub!!!!!!!  Had a tasty sandwich and a half of the local ale - delish!!

At Graylake Nature Preserve

Lovely roadside scene on the way to Cornwall

Bluebells and snowdrops


This very clever hand washing device was at a local parking spot in Port Isaac, Cornwall, UK.
It is soap, water and an air drier all in one.