Monday, December 13, 2010

mail art swap

My new friend, Lenna Andrews, has just finished the nuts-and bolts part of mailing out to each of the participants the envelopes that were created for the mail art swap.  The three I received the day before yesterday came from The Netherlands, Scotland and South Carolina.   It was soooo exciting to see the art that others had done, plus, two of the swapped envelopes had an extra treat inside  - stamped gift tags in a lovely pale blue, and a gorgeous mixed media collage postcard.  This swap was my first, and it is an extremely gratifying way to share one's art.  It is very windy and chilly here ( not typical Florida weather, even for December) so I've spent the day creating thank you notes and envelopes to send to the artists who made the envelopes I received.

Don't know what other swaps are like, but Lenna is very organized and this one has been a delight.  I can liken it to ripples spreading in a pond - one little piece of art turns into not only the exchange, but connecting with other artists and sharing in their creativity and energy.  See the link to Lenna's swap blog above for news of the next swap - for sure, I will participate!!

The first photo (below) is of the three mail art pieces I received, and the second photo are my thank-you envelopes.  The notes are inside along with a tiny treat.  As soon as I hit the "publish post" button, I'm off to the PO to get them in the mail........


  1. oh susan, how lovely! You have taken the exchange and run with it, creating even more art. That is just so cool!! Thank you for your very kind words!! : ) lenna

  2. Oh how exciting!! And what a lovely gesture! I'll be watching my mailbox with even more interest in the days to come! So happy one of my envelopes landed with you, thanks to the wonderful Lenna.

  3. Cool stuff! Somebody is going to be super exited to recieve these in the mail!