Saturday, December 11, 2010

mixed media or pig's breakfast???

With all the SNOW photos on several of the blogs I follow, thought I might see if I could create a wintery scene.  This is certainly a mixed media piece - watercolor (background), stamping, paper lace, hand lettering, rub-on snowflakes, and later, I enhanced the snowman with a bit of micron pen.  The paper lace was a good idea, but didn't seem to translate well onto paper.  Something that ought to have worked, but didn't.  What I don't know, is this because of a correctible mistake I made, or was this element just a bad choice?  I do like the sparkly paper behind the doily, and the barely-there star stamps.  I keep forgetting that I am new to all this and need not be so judgmental!!  Discovering one's particular talents and style allows for experiment.....

Day 6 text

Day 6 art

Day 6 detail


  1. I do like following your journaling and your art, Susan. I also think you have clued into something important -you are often too hard on yourself. Try to loosen up (as you have been) and say, it is okay if you make something you don't like . . . if anything, you will learn from it! You'll learn what you do/don't like in mixed media art -a new thing for you! Do what pleases you and see if it "works"? I was just looking at my bank of quotes, and this one pops out in relation to this:

    Do not fear mistakes - there are none.
    ~ Miles Davis

    From Miles Davis, no less! it is understandable to question . . . just give yourself space and time and let yourself enjoy and learn -I think you already do these things!! You will find as time goes by you will like more & more of what you are creating in this new realm I think.
    p.s. I LIKE that doily paper lace & think it looks good- keep working with it, if you like it! it will look more pleasing to you the more you experiment with it, that is my guess.

    Enough lecture! Off to work on the new creative swap ;^ ) your friend, lenna

  2. I think your just being to hard on yourself as all of us are of our own work. I think it looks great!
    That's what I've decided to do with my work, do what I feel looks right, if it doesn't so what,,it's all about learning.

  3. I love your work and what you are doing - art/journaling is about the process. Do you enjoy it? Then do it! Everybody has different opinions, sometimes the peices I thought were not my best work are the peices everybody else loves; And the work that I love people don't give a second glance!I love your mixed media plate below! Keep doing what you love! and thanks for visiting my blog! Have agreat day!