Tuesday, December 14, 2010

post office reactions

Never made it to the PO yesterday(I was a willing victim of Sloth!), but when I went this morning, the USPS staff behind the counter loved the envelopes I'd made (see yesterday's post please).  They shared them with the folks waiting in line (which extended their wait time, of course, but nobody seemed to mind!).  Felt like a celeb for about fourteen seconds!!!  Don't you just love it when people ask, "You really made this yourself?"  I'll admit it, creating little snippets of beauty for others to enjoy is a kind of high unlike any other.  Well cooked meals, a lovely bit of landscaping made by the sweat of one's brow, or the perfect home made pie, cause the same kind of thrill (for me, anyway.)  Not huge or expensive pleasures, but so real, so real.....

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  1. glad to hear your envelopes were so well received, Susan. Isn't that fun?? : )))