Friday, August 26, 2011

New quilt

It's been a warm couple of weeks here in Sunny Florida - too hot and humid to be outside much in the afternoon, so I've been sewing.  Just when I thought I had all the books a crafter could possibly need, I found a fabulous applique techniques book at my local big-box fabric store.  Since happily I also had a coupon good for 50% off any one item, the book came home with me ;-0  The book is Applique: the Basics and Beyond by Janet Pittman.  The perfect book for an applique "virgin" like me!!  Ms. Pittman's instructions are wonderfully clear and are backed up with outstanding color photography.

This is a small jewel only 14 1/2" x 16 3/4".  Made entirely with scraps from my stash, too!  One of my gal pals loves pink, so it will make its way to her for an un-birthday gifty surprise.........

Please click on image for more detail

Please click  on image for more detail 

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