Saturday, January 15, 2011

This and that.....

We can blog and blip or make art, and I'm finding it difficult to do both. Whole hours seem to disappear into the glow of my computer screen.  Sometimes I love the feelings of sharing and connectivity my blog, blip, and flickr friends give me, but at other times, I just want to chuck all the technology and get back to my art table!  Since I'm new to blog/blip land, will work on finding an acceptable balance!  There's just so much to see on the web, and I do love reading everyone's posts and seeing what they are working on.....

I've been mostly playing this past week - had to have a little skin cancer surgery so have needed to be quiet while a stitched and stapled area healed.

Here are four of the ten tangles I did for a swap today at my local art supply store (local business - not a chain).   The theme is 1-1-11.  I'm more into organic shapes than angular ones, so tangling 1's was a problem for me - decided to do some curvy double string j's as an alternative.  Of the 10 I made (all different btw) I like the j in the lower right of this photo best.  My tangles tend to be simple and airy, but I admire the more complex and densely created ones.

Please click for larger image

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  1. You will get that balance, I'm sure. It takes a little while but the need to create will be greater than the need to stare goggle eyed at the screen - although sometimes that's all I'm capable of after a stressful day at work!

    You'll find your own way.

    Fun tangles! Hope you're recovering from your surgery (be sensible, no washing, ironing, cooking or cleaning. A little bit of arting, however, is good for you!).