Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shifting gears......

..... or going back to horse-and-buggy days perhaps I should say,  I've also been participating in Mary's Green Paper Collage Club and created this small piece using her wonderful downloaded images.

Please click to enlarge
In doing all these art activities, I'm discovering where my interests do and don't follow.  What is a truly inspiring challenge and what is a form of drudgery just to get through.

Maybe someday I'l discover my own personal 'style' but for now, it's just exciting to explore!


  1. Wonderful collage! The images are great - Mary has so much to offer in her classes. I so enjoyed her other online classes, but have decided to opt out of most online offerings for now. Can't really afford to join all of them. You are wise to try your hand at various styles and mediums. So far, everything you have done is fabulous, so it would be hard to tell where you excel. Happy exploring!

  2. Love the colours and the different textures of all the ingredients. Makes for a wonderful mix.