Sunday, December 5, 2010

Outdoor day

Gorgeous weather yesterday - much too nice to stay inside!  Crispy cool in the morning with warming sun beaming down by noon.  With all the bad weather in other places, it is a guilty pleasure to live in Florida.  Being a native (a 'real' Flordian) takes most of the edge off the guilt, however.  My great grandfather settled in Daytona Beach early in the 20th Century.

Had an exciting visit to the home studio of Jennifer Wiles  to see her outstandingly beautiful jewelry and weaving.  Jennifer makes polymer beads and cabochons, does extravagant beading in great detail and has such an eye for color!  Her studio is a work of art in itself.  All the beads she uses are arranged on narrow shelves by color so it is like walking right next to a rainbow.  The yarns she uses for weaving are on high shelves around the perimeter of the room up near the ceiling and are also arranged by color.  A visual feast!!

I then picked up my grandkids and we had an outdoor adventure at the DeSoto National Memorial.  There is so much to see at this historically interesting spot.  The kids completed the National  Park Service workbook to become junior rangers and were sworn in by the park superintendent.  Much of the park is away from the sight of human 'improvement', and it is very easy to imagine the native population moving through the mangroves, fishing in the Manatee River, and watching the same scenery that modern-day visitors see.  The park staff has done an excellent job of helping to bring this important part of Florida and U.S. history come alive!

Finished off the day with our own homemade pizza (flour all over my kitchen floor!!!!!) and ice cream.  Then baths, a couple of stories and sleep for this weary Nana....the boys are all action and I get pooped in the best possible way.

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