Sunday, December 5, 2010

Outdoor day two...

A sleep-over with the grandkids.... and after a sumptuous pancakes-and-bacon breakfast (the heck with cholesterol!!) we headed to Emerson Point Preserve, which is the body of land we could see from the shore of The DeSoto Memorial where we were yesterday afternoon.   Highlights of this morning's trek - a Roseate Spoonbill, a snake we can't quite identify (maybe a Peninsula Ribbon snake?), three Horseshoe Crab shells of varying size, a juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron fishing, a Black and White Warbler, with spectacular views of the river, sky, and dense mangrove swamps.  The kids are intrepid walkers and notice every tiny detail of the natural world.  In their imagination, they are adventurers equal to the explorers of old.  We've made some amazing finds together, and every curve in the trail brings new delights.

Badge from yesterday


  1. Susan...Love YOUR photos and experiences with the grandkids. Aren't we just blessed all to pieces?!?