Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blipfoto newbie

Well, what's (almost, excluding the obvious) the most fun you can have on a cold winter day?  Creating a blipfoto journal!  See it here (blipfoto home).  You can see MY journal at Life Naturally.  Will be adding a quick access gadget soon as the tech work is done by my computer-whiz friend, Lenna.  Will the wonders of the internet never cease??

Heard an interesting NPR story yesterday about the advances in technology just since 2000.  Several young people were interviewed - 20-somethings who were just 10+ in 2000.  Young people who have nooooo memory of life before tiny cell phones, life when AOL was king, and who remembers carbon paper???  Haven't we just leaped with gusto into this new-ish century of ours?

This said, I do believe adamantly that technology is far from the answer to everything.  We are very much removed from our biologic roots and our connection to the earth and it's many wonders.  Who knows how to bake a loaf of bread, milk a cow, till a field, grow some green beans - many of us just have no clue, and would be quite helpless without the packaged goods in our super markets, ready-made clothing, and no electricity.  We can kid around about or scoff at old fashioned homemaking/farming skills, but as 2011 approaches, let us all hope against hope that we can continue to enjoy these pursuits as voluntary enthusiasts, and not because the world as we know it has fallen apart and we must learn them in a hurry or perish.  I'm a boomer with my feet in two centuries, fortunate to see the best of both worlds past and future.  Where are you?

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