Saturday, November 27, 2010

too much food!!!

..... but lots of fun this Thanksgiving - spent a good part of the day with old friends.  Cooking, joking around,  remembering good times past, washing a veritable mountain of dishes.......  Plenty of home made goodies, warm, 'connected' feelings, a heartfelt prayer of real gratitude for our blessings, and more joking around!  From one who lives on green vegetables, whole grains, fish and fruit, the overload of rich, sweet, and cholesterol-laden foods was a shock to my system but well worth it on this occasion.   Went for a bouncy workout at the gym yesterday and felt virtuous!

No playing with paper art these past few days, as I am working on a quilt for the annual Hoffman challenge  This will be a first for me - have made small art quilts for a couple of local guild challenges, but nothing for this level of competition.  Not being a very competitive person to begin with, the real challenge for me won't be winning in any of the categories or even to have my quilt accepted for the trunk shows.  My goal is to follow through and complete the quilt and actually send it off in the mail for strangers to look at and judge.


  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day! I, too, ate way too much and must discipline myself through the next month of excess sweets and treats!! Good luck with your quilt!

  2. Oops! Should have said had instead of have in that first sentence! ARRGH!