Sunday, November 28, 2010

Altered Book Day 3

Following an entirely serendipitous art adventure At Keeton's Office/Art Supply here in Bradenton yesterday (a FREE mixed media techniques demo by artist, Joanna Coke,, I came home with the idea for a third AB page.  I really know very little about Frida Kahlo, but at Keeton's, in a room full mostly of women who aspire in some way or other to art, I am convinced that there is an element of WomanPower in artistic creation.  Though it can't always be trusted, the Wikipedia entry for Frida seems well-documented and I learned that she drew and painted in, around and through her physical pain.  Wherever we find ourselves, making art (or music, or poetry) and living a life can't really be separated.  I grew up learning about the lives of the "great" artists (mostly men who were not busy coping with periods and pregnancies, meal preparation, housekeeping, second class social and educational status, and so much more!) As interesting as these men's lives are to read about, I have come to the conclusion that WomanPower has been subjugated in ways more subtle even than Women's Lib led us to believe.  Like ripples in a pond which spread endlessly so long as they do not meet obstacles, or icebergs, whose bulk is 90% hidden, each of us has the treasure of the self to share.  Whether we do this or not is entirely up to harm, no foul either way, but who wants to collapse against an obstacle or to be an ice berg?

Day 3 Text

Day 3 Art


  1. I am enjoying following your art journal/altered book, Susan. I like the collage you did in this post!

  2. I love this page - the black and white really works well against the brown. Keep going with that quilt - it isn't the destination that matters, it's the journey!

  3. This altered book is wonderful, and bravo to your fearlessness for sharing. Makes me want to start art journaling more.