Saturday, November 20, 2010

Art all around

Having spent a delightful lunch time with artist, Lenna Young Andrews yesterday I am fired up about learning even more about integrating life and art.  I have always surrounded myself with art and decoration, but now, a glorious retirement has gifted me with quality time to devote to going deeper.  The world seems to have burst open with new colors, sounds, and opportunities!

The internet helps, of course, with artists' blogs, online shopping for supplies, free tutorials (you artists are soooooo generous!!) and inspiration at every click of the mouse!

One of my dear friends thinks I am in denial about the state of the world - famine, war, pestilence and a baaaad economy, but haven't these human situations always been with us in some iteration or other?  So I'm ignoring her, and will continue to read the wonderful word art of poets and novelists, play with new art techniques, design & make my quilts, and just BE in the world as it is.

Just watching the tropical bird life where I live, the various species of lake turtles basking, the near-full moon rising last night, and knowing that these are a delicious reality apart from chaos and human mayhem, gives hope.


  1. You know, I think there's a lot to be said for focusing on the beauty in life - famine, war etc will carry on regardless anyway. We know it goes on but we can't dwell on it or how depressing would our lives be, and with no change for the awful things going on.

    Lucky you having lunch with Lenna, wish I could! That's a wonderful photo of a cloud - reminds me of when I was a kid (and now I'm an adult too, actually) when I played the 'what shapes can I see in the cloud' game. Fun.


  2. ps I wanted to follow your blog but it said my request was too large?! What's that all about, I wonder?


  3. oh, how lovely to read your thoughtful post, susan! I had a most delicious lunch with you, thank you -and loved sharing altered books with you and watching you get all kinds of ideas! Plus seeing more of your quilts and artwork was just grand. Your setting on the lake is delightful.

    I too, am one for minimizing the negative and all the media hype that makes you worry, and concentrating on all the beauty and positive things in this life. I just get along better that way. Enjoy the rest of your day, talk soon!
    : ) lenna

  4. You are so right - these things have been around since the beginning of time and will continue, no matter how much we worry. There is nothing we can do to control any of it; so just being in the moment and being thankful for all that we do have is so much less stressful!!

    You have found a wonderful gal to become friends with - I think you and Lenna will have many good times together! She is such a creative and giving person, as I am sure you are finding out.

  5. Hurrah! My following request wasn't too big today!!

  6. Followers all!

    Such a gift, these five comments from each of you.....

    And I realized in one of those middle-of-the-night AHA! moments that so far my posts have been about life more than art. I'm much more confident sharing ideas than art, but today's post will have a little bit of my art and quilt photos.

    Also, after seeing Lenna's altered books (very yummy!!) have bought two old books to practice on. Am taking photos as I go, and will post a photo shoot when I get the front cover and title page of the first one finished. Today, I hope.

  7. That sounds great, Susan! So glad you found those old books and rescued them for art!!