Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Postcard swap.....

The creative and organized artist and swap hostess, creativelenna, has completed another successful swap.  The theme for this swap was, "A Summer's Day."  These three postcards arrived safely in my mailbox yesterday and what a lucky girl I am to have them!!

As always, please click on each image if you want a larger view ;-0


Being a beach girl myself, the carefully constructed beach scene is perfect for me!  Amanda in California has captured a relaxing seaside day with layers of water color, rubber stamps, collage elements, and even bits of real seashells glued on.  And the little fish swam all the way to the back of the card, which is as carefully created as the front....  Thanks, Amanda!!


When Tiffiny (also in California) created this sea horse postcard, little did she (or Lenna) know that it would end up with a woman who counts these tiny oceangoing pseudo-equines as her second-favorite (after giraffes) critter.   Tiffiny created a wonderful underwater coral habitat for her glittered guys and added an informative list of sea horse attributes on the back of the card.  Thanks Tiffiny!


And what says summer better than a picnic complete with ants...?  Barbara in Illinois crafted a three-dimensional scene so perfectly.  The basket is woven from paper strips, the sandwich is created in actual layers with two slices of bread, some lettuce peeks out, and is that bologna we see in that sandwich?  A red checkered tablecloth and colorful napkins are arranged on the "grass" background, and there are even tiny ants made from the tiniest fuzzy craft balls I've ever seen.  Thanks, Barbara!


If you've never done a swap, especially not one with Lenna, might I suggest that you jump in and give it a try?  FUN!!  FUN!! FUN!!


  1. How fun is that?!? I see people doing swaps and round robins by mail quite often now that I'm using the computer for my "art fix" and would love to participate but alas...the mail system in this third world country is pretty much non- existent. Americans have reason to be VERY grateful for the USPS and don't even know it!!!

  2. thank you for such a lovely post, Susan. I am not sure how, but somehow I knew you would love Tiffiny's Seahorses. So glad you enjoyed and I do appreciate your sharing here. xo lenna