Monday, April 18, 2011

Fabric Collage

Thanks to 3 Creative Studios and guest artist, Donna, I had fun this morning playing with scraps.  I'm taking a trip in a couple of weeks and will need a few special hostess gifts (for some very special hostesses!!!) so thought I'd make a test piece to see how Donna's tutorial would work.  I tend toward precision in all things, but this free-style approach to small art pieces really appealed to my inner playmate and here is the result. "Sunflower" - a 5 1/2 x 8 inch mini 'quilt' in some sunshiny colors plus B&W for the pop factor....... Guess I could add beads or buttons if I wanted to, but am very eager to get on with the next experiment!

Please click to see larger image ;-0

Just in case you're thinking my squaring-up skills are lacking,  this is meant to be wonky ;-0


  1. Beautiful work - super fun flower, gorgeous colours and I'm loving the wonky.


  2. This looks really fun and seems to have captured some of the sunny energy these flowers evoke!

  3. great work of art from scraps! such fun.

  4. How sweet to take a small special art quilt for each host. I think it's a lovely idea. This first one, "Sunflower" tells me the rest will be charming. I use small pieces also, but I glue my fabric. I do some hand sewing on the surface to add another element and enhance the design. I think you might like my pieces. They are similar in approach to your "Sunflower".