Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oooooh, La-La!

Lenna's Vintage Notecard Swap is finished and the three notecards from other participants arrived in my mailbox today ;-0  Lenna always packages her swaps nicely so everything arrives in tip-top condition.

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I LOVE them all!!

As you can see, they are just beautiful with their romantic vintage images, embellishments of lace and buttons and even a bit of glitz!  All have wonderfully decorated matching envelopes....  And as always, Lenna has done her utmost to make this swap fun.  She's efficient too, keeping us all on track, informed, and inspired ;-0  (Thanks LENNA!!)  The cards I received came from Sabine in Germany, from Margriet in the Netherlands, and from Nancy, right here in Florida.  Sorry I don't have blog addresses for Nancy and Margriet.  (oopsie... my apologies all, just realized that I've reversed two of the envelopes in the first photo.  I've been back and forth with my camera enough already  - you'll see the correct ones in the individual photos.)

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This card is from Sabine.  Love the color (!) and she used a strip of film with an image of a dressmaker's form on it. Note the lace, and that's a real mother of pearl button!  A bit of purple glitz completes this lovely card.

Coincidentally, Sabine and I also participated in Kate's recent quilt swap, though we didn't get each other's quilts.

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This beauty came all the way from the Netherlands and Margriet's creative hands!  It has beautiful lace and subtle blue paper behind the image, and the curly swirls on the envelope are all hand drawn!   Don't you love the way the little bird echoes the shape of that amazing hat?  Can't quite picture how ladies managed those large chapeaux.......

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Last, but certainly not least, is Nancy's sweet creation.  All girly, pink, and lace with vintage buttons and floral accents.  Some fine altering of a vintage songbook page too, for the background!

(How did all these ladies know how much I love antique buttons.....hmmmmm??)

Each of the cards has a mix of glue and stitching, with hand-sewn buttons.  Lovely work, ladies ;-0

Lenna's next swap is going to be tiny books - can't wait..... Maybe you'll join in?


  1. You lucky lucky girl - you've got your notecards already!

    Your return notecards are beautiful, I love all 3.

    I haven't yet decided if I'm going to do the tiny books swap, it depends on what they involve. But I'm very tempted........!


  2. You certainly received some gorgeous cards! Unfortunately, I was unable to join in this swap; maybe I'll be up for the tiny book one.

  3. Lucky you that you already have your cards. For me it takes more time (long way over the sea....)! Glad that you love my card. I appreciate always the SWAPs from Lenna.
    Love your blog!


  4. Hi again, Susan,

    Just wanted to let you know I'm having a little giveaway to celebrate my first year's blogging, so if you wanna pop over......