Friday, March 18, 2011

Non-dominant hand tangle #2

Can hardly believe what a glutton for punishment I am!  Going out of my way to draw a second tile with my non-dominant (right) hand......  This was a real challenge, and it has piqued my interest, thanks to Laura.  Have never posted two challenge tiles in a week, but somehow just couldn't resist showing off a bit ;-0

I need to apologize for not responding at all to everyone's tangles for this week.  It hasn't been a great past few days for several reasons, but I'll get through it.  Knowing that there is still creativity at the end of most dark tunnels and a friendly gathering of fellow tanglers,  has kept a bit of cheer in my heart most of the time.  I did look at all the tiles and think we did an amazing job!!!

I drew this one on a 5x7 piece of paper intending to make bolder strokes, but ended up with patterns about the same size as I usually draw, just more of them and lots more white space.

Please click to view a bit larger


  1. Great piece! I love the shadows.

  2. Wow!! This is excellent. I wish I could do so well with my non-dominant hand.

  3. Lovely tangle composition! Your strokes are...perfect. Love it!

  4. Impressive!

    I read your comment on Shelly's post "using one's opposite hand creates new neural pathways in the brain and slows down the advance of old age memory problems. It also increases general coordination" I am so glad I read it and will begin to use my non-dominant hand as much as possible starting now!

  5. This is amazing no matter which hand you used, but I'm even more impressed that you used your non-dominant hand. I need to try it.