Monday, March 28, 2011

Never too busy to tangle.....

This is usually so true, but last week was a bear!!  A whole family full of company in my tiny apartment and I broke the little toe on my right foot by catching it on the coffee table leg..... ouch!!!  We had the best time, however - you know how it is when you see old friends.  Lots of laughs, plenty of good food, a couple of picnic adventures, and always, the beautiful beach!!

Missed Laura's "straight lines" challenge, but wanted to try it anyway as the challenge this week is to use only curving lines.  The Diva wants us to see if we feel any different drawing curves than straights, so had to do the straight first......  I'm usually into curves, but actually enjoyed working with only straight lines and felt a bit more inclined to keep adding tangles.  What we learn about ourselves and our drawing because of these challenges!!  It's great ;-0

So, here's my curves tile followed by the straights tile, and then a few cute pics of the good time I had with my company..... enjoy ;-0

 (please ignore the little blob of white paint in the upper left corner - the phone rang, my pink marker slipped, and I had to do a wee bit of repair ;-0 - WHY does this happen only when you're about finished?????)
Please click for larger image
Click for larger view
These pictures are of dear friends - it was the little kids' first trip to the beach - I'm so happy I could share this exciting event in their lives!!!
The sweet mom and her boy, my godson ;-0

Big sister....

Sunset - can you believe these luscious colors!!!

A fellow "beach bum" offered to take our picture!!!

The kids on my porch

Daddy Matt with his first-ever RAW OYSTER!!!!!  (He liked it, and ate some more..... ;-0


  1. Very nice tangles. Look like your company had a lot of fun.

    Is that the Sandbar?

  2. I love it!! and your pics look lovely too! good times!

  3. Lovely tangles on both challenges and really like your beach/kid pics. I look forward to summer and beaches here in Michigan!

  4. Both tiles are gorgeous. I love how you can switch from straight to curvy!

  5. Wow, I would like to sit on your porch too! What a lovely spot ot create your fabulous Zentangles!

  6. Great tangles, both so different.

    Such lovely happy pictures of your friends- those are very beautiful children. And lovely to see you too!


  7. Great zentangles. I love how you used Floatfest, I just printed it to give it a try.

  8. Beautiful tiles! Looks like a good time was had by all!

  9. Beautiful tangles and great pictures - thanks for sharing.

  10. Lovely tiles - like seeing them posted together - great contrast. The beach photos are great too.

  11. Love your tangle & the colors you chose!