Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunny Day Jaunt

Though it is a bit on the cool side (for Florida, anyway) the sun is shining brightly so took a little trip to Bradenton Beach and to Cortez, Florida  So sorry I can't make a workable link to the Google map.  It's just a short hop for me but always a thrill with sights to see each time I visit..  Walked on the beach a bit to clear my sinuses.... and then came home across the bridge.  A large yacht was going through the drawbridge so had to wait.

Looking north and west to Anna maria Island vacation condos

Here's the beauty that opened the bridge......

I stopped at the charter boat place to see if any pelicans were hanging out and they were....!!  Even a White Pelican (different and MUCH larger than our more familiar Brown Pelicans.


  1. Beautiful photos of the Pelicans. I love that trip across the bridge : )

  2. These pelican pics are great. Such a strange, prehistoric looking bird. They have some real personality.

  3. Beautiful photos with such strong colours - gorgeous, especially when compared to the grey/white sky that I can see from my window. It's seems really strange to me that you have pelicans swimming about like we have ducks, it seems so exotic.


  4. Oh those pelicans are beautiful and thanks so much for the pictures of the environment too, love to see these and one day even hope to visit there and see all this beauty with my own eyes. Perhaps when that time comes we can all go and have sticky toffee pudding together too!