Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I did not make my bed today.....

Love those red sheets!!!
Instead I decided to try my hand at dying bleached muslin (washed but not ironed) with tea bags.
Big pot, lots of family-sized tea bags

Tea bags cooking - regular ones in the big pot, chamomile and Celestial Seasonings mandarin orange spice in each of the two little pots.

Ah, the steam is rising!

Color beginning to develop.....

tea bags laid out in a sort of brickwork pattern

Tea bags removed and fabric hung up to dry
The poor woman's shibori wrap (no silk, just the muslin....)

Only subtle color gradations using tea.

Partly finished little quilt I made with the tea bag tinted fabric - will add some beads, buttons and hand stitching this evening.  


  1. This is great- looks fun to try and I love the result. Just found ya, and your blog is full of great stuff!

  2. I just love, love, love your little quilt!

  3. did you save those teabags?? I hope so!