Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Confessions of a [busy] lazy blogger.....

Got to wondering if I'd ever post again - the days fly by with creating art of various sorts, reading your posts, and taking  photos for my blip.  And when I'm not doing all this, I just want to flop on the sofa and read!!

Little Blue Heron (blipfoto)

Lampwork Glass Bauble (blipfoto)

Am also still working away on my entry for the Hoffman Challenge (can't show you that, of course ;-D)  
But trust me, there is a lot of beading to keep my fingers occupied.......!!!

The whole Zentangle© thing has me very excited.  Here are my two for this week's
Diva challenge # 6 - "Ixorus"

Please click to enlarge

Please click to enlarge

I have also continued to make some vintage pieces just for fun... though for me, I'm discovering that working in a vintage collage format is not my fave!  Oh well - we live and learn.

Pretty ladies images courtesy of Mary Green - see Green Paper Collage Club on the sidebar.

We've had some wonderful beach combing weather (sorry to sound like I'm gloating, but it is what it is.......

DeSoto National Memorial, Bradenton

Bradenton Beach

Sandpipers scurrying

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  1. I for one am looking forward to seeing the quilt in due course but understand only too well the need for secrecy. And I like the vintage tags, even if vintage is not your thing. Feel like that myself re the Zentagle phenomenon. Have the cards and instructions but however much I try I'm never happy with the results. And needless to say there are no classes here in Scotland.
    And I love where I live but when I look at these beautiful seaside pictures I would quite to swap even if only for a short while. The little blue heron is my all-out favourite. The photo is like a Japanese woodprint, totally gorgeous.