Monday, January 3, 2011

Altered Book - Day 8

Hope you all realize that these days aren't actual ones chronologically, but just a way to give each page project a header.  Also, as I flip through what used to be a pre-printed journal for get-healthy enthusiasts, many of the quotes at the top of the text page have lots to do with sit-ups (ugh!) or being sure to drink lots of water (yes, this is a good idea, but has nothing to do with my art!) and nothing to do with creativity, so I just keep flipping until I find a page with a quote I can use to inspire me.

Day 8 Text
I've been playing with waxed paper mono-prints and made the background flower in the lower right corner, and then I had a waxed butcher paper stencil ........

.......that was a left-over from an art quilt project.  I really loved the gold stamped paint, so fixed it to a piece of pink paper, then did some highlighting with a trusty Micron pen.  Dug into my stash of pink paper odd and ends (I have done some serious scrapbooking using photos of my lovely daughter) for the subtle stripe and the misty floral.
Some stamps, a kissy lips sticker and a few wonderful sparkly stars, with a nice coat of glazing medium and I felt about as self-nurtured as a girl can feel!!

And here's another photo with the flash off....


  1. Great pages - which are very very pink! I'm loving that glazing medium too. I like how you've put the pink paper over the gold stamped image, very effective.


  2. Oh My GoodNESS!
    You make me want to get into the playroom!!!
    later alligator