Sunday, December 19, 2010

inside day....

Too windy and damp to be out unless necessary, and since I have plenty of projects (and some housework - I simply MUST run the vacuum!!!) to keep me occupied, I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of staying home today.

The house smells yummy because I put a nice pot roast on to cook.....seldom eat such a heavy meal, but the season and weather call for it.

Took a photo of a little holiday tablescape I have done for my dining table ------

And here's a photo of a stamp I've just finished carving (waiting for the roast to get totally tender...)

And these next two photos are yesterday and today's ATC projects.  You'll see how the new fish stamp looks.  The beaded ATC is my impression of the wildflower fields I saw in the Hill Country part of Texas this past Spring - the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush bloom with generous abandon - masses of color splashed with sunshine in undulating waves across the pastures and along every roadside.  The ATC's are stamped and painted on Kelli Perkins' cloth paper.  I'm not sure yet if I like this surface, but it is versatile.....

As always, click on photos for a larger view.

Whenever I think of Texas, I think of stars, so had to put this glimmery little cobalt blue star bead up in the sky.


  1. Yes, I really like the fish stamp too - what have you carved it out of? I love your tablescape (great word!) - I like to eat by candlelight, it's so much more romantic. Unfortunately, my 14 year old daughter likes to eat in a room which is bright enough to be an operating theatre!

    I can smell that yummy pot roast from here!


  2. The fish stamp was carved out of a semi-soft flat white block of stuff they sell at Michael's and my local art supply store. It is much softer than lino but crumbles some. I haven't carved a stamp in years (except potatoes with kids) so wasn't sure how it would turn out. I also used an exacto knife instead of regular Speedo carving tools. When the Holiday Busy's die down, I'll do another and see how it goes