Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another experiment!

For several years recently, I worked as a catalog librarian in a small seminary, using two fancy-schmancy software programs.  For anyone in the know, this means frequent upgrades and 'improvements', hidden layers of mostly unused capabilities, and then there's the cataloging itself.  Lots of rules (and their updates) and other tricky bits to navigate/negotiate to make a catalog record fit both the international standard as well as the local needs of our library users.  I truly miss all this picky stuff (catalog librarians are usually considered to be STRANGE!!)  Anyway, playing with the capabilities of Blogspot fills a need to learn, to understand the system, to be creative, and to work both within and outside the rules.

The Flickr Photostream is a work-in-progress, so forgive its bare bones appearance until I've had time to play with it a bit more.  In the meantime, enjoy the Florida sky!  I've been receiving gorgeous snow scene photos from other bloggers who live in the UK, so thought I'd counter with a bit from the semi-tropics.

Thursday morning is the day for my quilting cottage group to meet - sharing, sewing, snacking..... it doesn't get much better than that!

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  1. well, I love that you have added flickr Susan & have hooked you up as a contact. You may just be adding photos there, but the ones you have are gorgeous! Have a great meeting! lenna