Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

What I'm thankful for today...

This whole world of ART we live in, and the opportunity to travel far and wide to see it just by clicking on this or that icon on our computers!!!

The Sarasota [Florida] Surface Design Guild - such an enthusiastic group of people!!  Artsy + practical-when-necessary + warm and welcoming = a place where I feel encouraged to make the most of whatever talent I am blessed with, and to appreciate the many and talents of others.

My mom, who was never a financially wealthy person, always told me that there is no excuse for living in a drab world.  White paper napkins? or PINK!!  A beige blouse? or a flowered one with RUFFLES!!
You get the idea.....  
 And seldom being able to afford florist's flowers, she used to make what she called 'green bouquets.'  Going around our yard with a pair of scissors, she would clip bits and pieces of foliage from various shrubs, the ferns, a neighbor's hedge (they didn't mind!) even an occasional weedy stem.  Then into the kitchen to select a vase or bowl in which to arrange her treasures.  The result was always fresh, bringing the vibrancy and vigor of green growth into our home.   Whatever our personal style, we can train ourselves to look for beauty, and to choose it, to make it a part of our entire attitude.

Today, in Jenny Hoople's blog, there is a gorgeous photo of dried okra seed pods -  the pods themselves are interesting with their curvy shapes and hints of a secret interior.  The wood surface against which they are placed is intricate with it's grain and the subtle play of weathered colors.  Jenny's words have an intellectual beauty which pleased me greatly.  Beauty.......

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