Monday, October 6, 2014

Working again.....

This time, the post appeared, so I guess I'm blogging again for at least a little while.  Sometimes I have "issues" with the level of ego involved both in writing and reading blogs.  I'm a low-profile kind of person and blogging seems pretty self-congratulatory to me most of the time.  Does anyone really care what my craft table looks like?????

Have been busy with grandkids, quilting, a little travel, a very hot, rainy summer in SW Florida and have just a couple of days ago discovered another blogspot blogger who does mail art swaps.

Find her at "Mail Me some Art"

Karen has several open swaps.  I'm too late for three of them, but not for the round postcard swap!!

I have a loooong dining table in my kitchen with quilty happenings at one end and paper art supplies at the other.  As you can imagine, sometimes they merge and I find myself making little paper "quilts" or adding bits of fabric to cardstock and sewing designs with a free-motion quilting foot or doing a zig-zag around the edges to hold fabric and paper layers together.

Anyway, here are the four round postcards I'm going to mail for Karen's swap.

Its a gorgeous autumn day here - lots of sunshine and the cooler weather we Floridians really crave this time of year.  Think how happy you northerners are when soft April days chase winter away!

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